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Razak A’ai
Professional Singer from

What You'll Learn?


This technique helps a singer to throw their voice with a great notes & accurate pitch

Body Posture


A great body posture also helps to get a good breathing technique & stabilize the voice in front of your audiences

Humming, Lip
& Tongue Trill


This technique will effect the vocal of a singer which they will feel like the voice is already thrown and not stucked within the throat

What's In It
For You?

Study different genres of singing, ranging from classical to pop rock, to develop your own unique sound. We’ll show you how to imitate your favourite singers’ vocal styles

Within 5 days, you will be taught how to cast a voice with proper breathing method, Basic techniques to increase your confidence & then perform well in front of the audiences

Have you ever been about how to interplaying? Perhaps you’re having difficulty with pitch, belting, or simply improving your range. Our advanced method course guides you through all of the most prevalent issues that vocalist’s faces as they want to improve & develop.

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